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Failure To Yield Accidents In Middle Tennessee

Motorists have the duty to maintain safe distances between them and others on the road, including yielding to others when appropriate. Drivers who fail to adhere to the right of way can cause serious failure to yield accidents in Murfreesboro. If you had the right of way and another driver struck you or your vehicle, you have the legal right to compensation. Our accomplished lawyers at the Miller Injury Firm could review your case and help you put together a strong claim for damages.

What Constitutes A Right Of Way?

Under Tennessee law, the right of way is when a driver or a pedestrian has the permission and the right to go forward, and the other driver or person has to yield to them. A failure to yield occurs when one driver has the obligation by law to pause or give way to another driver and fails to do so. Failure to yield commonly occurs when a driver fails to pause at the red triangle sign to allow other drivers to pass through. It can also occur when a driver fails to stop or pause for a pedestrian to pass in front of them. In Murfreesboro, failure to yield collisions frequently occur at stop signs, four-way stops, and other intersections.

Establishing Fault In A Failure To Yield Collision

Identifying fault in failure to yield cases can be complicated because it is often difficult to prove whether a person properly yielded, yielded long enough, or had any obligation to yield. There are often road signs present in these locations such as the triangle yield sign, the pedestrian crossing sign, the beware of children sign, or beware of a blind or deaf person sign. This signage could be used as evidence by a skilled Murfreesboro attorney to prove another driver failed to yield, resulting in the accident.

Benefit Of A Murfreesboro Attorney

Attorneys in Murfreesboro could investigate failure to yield cases to see who is at fault by sending out an investigator to look at things such as skid marks and the position of signs. They could also obtain camera footage at certain intersections or local establishments. They further investigate by sometimes looking at the Blackbox information in cars that have those to determine whether the brakes were actually tapped or used. They could also interview the drivers on both sides to determine whether there is any credibility in their stories, as well as take statements from any available witnesses.

Discuss Failure To Yield Accidents With A Middle Tennessee Attorney

When a driver fails to yield to the right of way, it can result in devastating side-impact or head-on collisions. These wrecks can result in catastrophic injuries or even death. If you had the right of way and another driver struck you, you could have grounds for civil recourse. Our experienced attorneys at the Miller Injury Firm are experienced in handling failure to yield accidents in Murfreesboro and can use this knowledge to help you. Call our office today or contact us online to schedule your free case evaluation. We look forward to speaking with you.