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Business Contingency Litigation In Middle Tennessee

Even if a business owner has a signed contract in hand proving that another party failed to deliver goods or perform services as agreed, litigation to enforce that contract can take years to resolve and during that time eat up valuable financial resources through attorneys’ fees. The same is true if a business owner is harmed by theft of its trade secrets, copyright infringement through copying materials, overbilling by vendors, unfair competitive practices such as stealing names and trademarks, and damage to company property. Fortunately, there is an alternative to paying high billable rates. The Miller Injury Firm not only represents individuals in traditional injury cases but also businesses on partial or full contingency, reduced billable hours in exchange for success fees, or a variety of other fee arrangements. Miller Injury Firm reduces the financial drain on a business through such fee arrangements. In other words, instead of paying for our attorneys’ time, you are paying for positive results. If you believe you have strong grounds for a case against a financially well-off company, insurance provider, or contract signatory, the Miller Injury Firm helps your business recover and put money back toward your primary business goals.


How Does Business Contingency Litigation Work?

Traditionally, business litigation has operated under flat-rate or hourly billing, both of which require you to pay for legal services even if the issue you are dealing with has caused a significant hit to your finances. Most business disputes do not have a contract that awards attorneys’ fees if you sue. Unfortunately, this has historically resulted in many small-business owners not getting the legal assistance they need, especially with cases involving companies with much larger budgets for legal proceedings. It also has impacted larger companies that want to focus financial resources on making profits rather than spending money on lawyers. Business contingency litigation and alternative fee arrangements solve these problems for business owners by making payment for legal counsel “contingent” on a good case result. In other words, if our team participates in business litigation on the contingency or alternative arrangements, we share some of the financial risk associated with your case in exchange for your business paying us a percentage of the final settlement or court award you receive. This option means you do not have to give up on strong cases just because you lack the cash on hand to pay for legal services.

What Our Firm Helps With

Contingency-fee litigation is often an especially helpful option for small businesses seeking to resolve breach of contract cases and other general commercial litigation matters. Whether a vendor has failed to provide products as ordered, a distributor has engaged in fraud, a competitor has stolen trade secrets, a nonsolicit agreement is breached, or an insurer has refused to honor a valid claim, litigation on contingency could help you reach a successful outcome without the financial hit. Our seasoned attorneys at the Miller Injury Firm also help with various other matters you may deal with, including disputes over defamatory statements, intellectual property rights, licensing requirements and unfair competition. The financial resources of individual franchisees and licensed IP users often pale in comparison to those of the corporation that owns the rights they are borrowing, but our dedicated team of lawyers helps you achieve a fair case result.

Talk To Our Middle Tennessee Attorneys About Business Litigation On Contingency

Litigation can be hard on any business owner, but it can be prohibitively challenging for small businesses due to the time and money it requires. You should not have to leverage the future of your business against a legal issue, and fortunately, you don’t have to. Business contingency litigation allows you to hold larger companies liable for their misconduct and malfeasance without creating a financial burden. Call or contact us online today to learn more.