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Rollover Accidents In Middle Tennessee

A rollover accident occurs when a vehicle goes on its side, lands on its roof or takes multiple rolls. These devastating wrecks can be caused by other drivers, negligent maintenance or poor weather conditions. In any case, rollover accidents in Murfreesboro can result in catastrophic harm to the occupants of the car. Fortunately, our compassionate attorneys at the Miller Injury Firm are prepared to help you seek financial compensation from the party responsible for your vehicle overturning.

How Do Vehicles Overturn?

Most commonly, excessive speed plays a role in a vehicle flipping over. Sudden braking or sharp turns at high speeds can cause a vehicle to overturn and roll. Unfortunately, some vehicles have an increased likelihood of rolling over due to their size and weight distribution. For instance, some SUVs have a propensity for overturning due to them being top heavy. Rollover wrecks in Murfreesboro can also be caused by a side impact from another vehicle that has such velocity as to push the other vehicle over. Poor weather conditions, distracted driving, and intoxicating substances can also exacerbate the risk of a vehicle flipping over in a wreck.

Unique Aspects Of Rollover Wrecks

Rollover crashes are different from other types of vehicle accidents in Murfreesboro for a variety of reasons. When a vehicle rolls, the occupants are at risk of impact on multiple sides of the body, causing damage to the head, neck, and shoulders as the vehicle moves in different directions. As such, these collisions often result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Additionally, if a vehicle rolls across multiple lanes of traffic, the driver can be exposed to a secondary accident. For instance, the rolling car can strike other commuters in nearby lanes or be struck by oncoming traffic if the occupants are incapacitated or unable to move the vehicle due to it being overturned.

Preventing Cars from Flipping

Drivers can reduce the risk of rollovers and protect themselves from becoming involved in one by engaging in safe driving practices. Safe driving practices include driving at the posted rate of speed, unless there is weather conditions that a reasonable person would drive at a reduced rate of speed. Safe driving also includes the awareness of those around the driver, including other vehicles that are in the lanes in front to the side behind, and being aware of what those other drivers are doing. Safe driving can include slowing down and moving out of the way of vehicles that are moving too fast in dangerous conditions. Another way that drivers in Murfreesboro can engage in safe driving and avoid a rollover accident is to watch out for drivers coming from hidden driveways, parking lots, or around turns. This can help them avoid side-impact collisions that can overturn a vehicle.

Speak With A Middle Tennessee Attorney After A Rollover Accident

People involved in rollover accidents in Murfreesboro could benefit from speaking with our accomplished team at the Miller Injury Firm. We can help with the investigation obtaining evidence to support liability of the driver who caused the rollover. We could also engage with the insurance company to ensure you are not taken advantage of and recover all the damages you are owed. Do not try to take on these cases alone. Schedule your free consultation today either by phone at 615-922-5693 or contacting us online.