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Side-Impact Accidents In Middle Tennessee

A side-impact collision occurs anytime a vehicle strikes the side of another vehicle. Whether it is the sides of two vehicles striking one another or if the front of one vehicle strikes the side of another, the resulting damage can be substantial. People injured in side-impact accidents in Murfreesboro have the legal right to seek financial compensation from the party who caused the collision. Fair recovery could be made easier with guidance from our talented civil attorneys at the Miller Injury Firm.

Common Causes Of Side-Impact Collisions

One common cause of side-impact wrecks is a driver operating their vehicle at excessive rates of speed trying to get through a red light before it turns. Running a red light or a stop sign could result in a motorist T-boning another vehicle. Another common cause of side-impacts is a motorist coming around a blind turn where another driver is pulling out of a driveway or parking lot. Furthermore, side-impact accidents can occur when a driver is going toward a stop sign, yield sign, or traffic signal and there is ice or water on the roads that causes them to slide into the side of the vehicle. A Murfreesboro lawyer could investigate the cause of your sideswipe or T-bone accident and help you gather the evidence necessary to prove fault.

What Should You Do After Being T-Boned?

The first step that anyone involved in a side-impact collision should do is to stop and assess whether they are physically injured or whether there are any passengers physically injured, and if so to call for help. The next step should be for the person, if they are able, to discuss with the police officer their view of what happened and obtain a police report. The next step is the person who was T-boned should take pictures of the scene, including damage to the car, injuries to anyone involved, the road, and the road signs. They should also obtain video on their phones if they can of the entire area in the scene so that they can see what has occurred. The next thing they should do, if there are witnesses that have stopped to help, is to ask to get the witnesses’ names or their phone numbers. That may be difficult because people may not want to get involved, but witness testimony is very useful in proving fault. Finally, the person injured in the side-impact wreck should reach out to a Murfreesboro lawyer as soon as possible. This can ensure that the insurance company is on notice and the attorney can preserve evidence. The sooner preservation of evidence occurs, the better the case.

Recoverable Damages After A Sideswipe

Common effects of side-impact collisions include damages to the car. There are also frequently injuries to the driver or the passenger. Those injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, which involve the brain smashing into or bumping into the side of the skull and causing minor to permanent damage. There can also be soft tissue and connective tissue injuries. Vehicle occupants may also suffer damage to the left or right side of their arms as well as potential facial injuries to teeth, mouth, nose, and eyes resulting from air bag deployment. A person involved in a side-impact collision can recover economic and noneconomic damages as well as potential punitive damages. Noneconomic damages are pain and suffering based on the trauma that has occurred. Economic damages are damages that can be obtained from medical bills to pay for medical bills, future treatment, lost wages and other economic harms. Punitive damages are available where the action or the negligence is intentional, malicious, fraudulent or reckless. Typically, recklessness is what occurs in these cases when there is an intoxicated driver or a driver under the influence of other drugs.

Work With A Middle Tennessee Attorney After A Side-Impact Accident

Having an experienced attorney on your side after a side-impact accident in Murfreesboro could be highly beneficial. From collecting evidence to cataloging damages and negotiating a settlement, the skill of a legal professional is essential. Our team at the Miller Injury Firm is prepared to help you move forward after your wreck. Call today at 615-922-5693 or contact us online to book your free case consultation.