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Rear-End Accidents In Middle Tennessee

In many cases, being rear-ended results in little more than minor damage and inconvenience. However, when these collisions occur at high speeds, those involved can suffer serious injuries and substantial property damage. If you were rear-ended by a negligent driver, it is important that you speak with an accomplished injury attorney in the area as soon as possible. Our team at the Miller Injury Firm is well-practiced in handling rear-end accidents in Murfreesboro and could use our experience to help you.

Is The Driver In The Back Always Responsible For Rear-End Collisions?

In Murfreesboro, it is often the assumption that the car behind is always at fault because that driver is in the best position to take action to avoid the accident. However, that is not always the case. A driver who has been rear-ended may be comparatively at fault if the driver was engaged in distracted driving, such that they stopped suddenly or unnecessarily without warning. The driver could also be comparatively at fault if they were driving at a high rate of speed or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and then suddenly stopped or cut in front of another driver. On the other hand, the driver in the back can be liable if they were following too close, speeding, or distracted, resulting in them rear-ending another motorist. In any case, Tennessee is a comparative fault state which means that if a driver is 50% or more at fault, then no recovery is possible.

Proving Liability After Being Rear-Ended

Local lawyers use variety of methods to establish liability in rear-end collision cases. The most common is using an interview or an investigator to determine the facts of the accident. That investigation or investigator may discover that the driver was engaged in distracted driving, was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, or recklessly driving. The interview or investigation may also reveal that a road condition contributed to the accident such as ice, fog, or snow. Our team at the Miller Injury Firm can work with experts to create a reconstruction of the accident to determine if there are skid marks, the potential rate of speed, and whether the driver who rear-ended the first driver actually stopped or hit the brakes before crashing into them.

Contact A Middle Tennessee Attorney After Being Rear-Ended

It is important to contact a lawyer soon after a rear-end accident in Murfreesboro rather than waiting because the evidence often goes bad or disappears. Skid marks might be wiped away or traffic camera footage deleted, making it impossible to recover evidence to support your claim. While these accidents are generally minor, when they occur at high speeds they can result in devastating injuries or even death. Without sufficient evidence, it can be difficult to fully recover what you are due. Our lawyers at the Miller Injury Firm are dedicated to helping you recover the compensation you are owed. Contact us online or call our office today at 615-922-5693 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced team.