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Poor communication can lead to accounting malpractice

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2023 | Accounting Malpractice

Effective communication skills are important in most professions, especially those where someone deals directly with customers or clients. Tennessee accountants can work more effectively when they communicate regularly with a client. The client should feel comfortable that their accountant is attentive to their concerns and able to solve issues that may arise. When an accountant fails to communicate with their client, it may be considered accounting malpractice.

Communication is essential

When working with an accountant, one should be able to ask questions and raise concerns as needed. One puts much trust in their accountant to handle their taxes and other affairs based on laws and regulations. Accountants are privy to their client’s sensitive financial information, which creates a professional relationship where the client must feel comfortable communicating with their accountant regularly.

The accountant is responsible for advising the client on tax and business matters, many of which are time sensitive. When a client feels that their accountant is not reliable and can’t be reached in a time of need, the client may feel like the services provided are not up to accepted accounting standards. In some cases, where the client is harmed financially due to poor communication, it may be considered accounting malpractice.

What to do when one suspects malpractice

Accounting malpractice may leave a client with significant financial and legal concerns. Proving malpractice may be challenging due to the confusion surrounding what qualifies as accounting malpractice. Anyone who has worked with an accountant in Tennessee and believes they are a victim of accounting malpractice can consult an attorney with knowledge of the state’s laws.