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Preparing to file a legal malpractice claim

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Legal Malpractice

When someone works with an attorney in Tennessee, they expect professional assistance with the legal issues they are dealing with. Legal matters can be complicated for the average person to understand, which is why people hire attorneys for help. But when an attorney doesn’t follow the accepted standards and fails to do everything legally possible to help their client, legal malpractice can occur. Victims of legal malpractice may suffer financial and professional problems, not to mention facing time in jail or prison when the charges are criminal.  

When to file a legal malpractice claim 

Simple mistakes and legal malpractice are two different things. Not every mistake constitutes malpractice, but many errors like failing to file court documents on time or not investigating a client’s claims properly may be considered legal malpractice. Even simple errors like these can cause a client’s case to go unexpectedly, leading to consequences for the client that can be life-altering.  

Victims of legal malpractice may face serious repercussions. Something as simple as an administrative error or forgetting an important court date can cause the entire cause to go wrong. When this happens, the victim may have to spend much time and money to repair the damage done by the attorney’s errors.  

What options do victims have? 

When someone believes they have been a victim of legal malpractice in Tennessee, they should seek advice from an attorney not associated with the one who is accused of legal malpractice. Victims of legal malpractice may suffer financially, personally, and professionally if their case is mishandled. Compensation for legal malpractice awarded after a successful civil lawsuit against the accused attorney can provide a victim with financial assistance in getting their life back in order.