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Dealing with the aftermath of a sexual assault

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Being sexually assaulted can leave a victim with feelings of trauma and shame. Tennessee victims of sexual assault may not know where to turn for help and may not be aware of their legal rights. It’s important for victims to know that they are not at fault in any way for the assault and that they have resources to help them through the many feelings that can come about after such a traumatic event.  

Seek support  

There are many organizations that provide support to sexual assault victims. These organizations may help victims find a safe place to stay immediately after an assault. They can also provide victims with help finding resources to help them remove themselves from a domestic violence situation or an abusive relationship. 

Sexual assault survivors often deal with mental health issues in the weeks and months after the assault. Therapy can be very beneficial for victims. Talking about the situation with a neutral party can help victims come to terms with what happened and better understand that their feelings are valid. Advocacy groups may also help victims better understand their legal rights, so they know how to pursue a case against the offender. 

Filing a civil lawsuit is an option 

It’s important to know that criminal and civil cases against sexual assault offenders are handled differently. Survivors of sexual assault in Tennessee can file a civil lawsuit against the offender that is separate from the criminal case. For those who have been through such a difficult event, speaking with an attorney that has experience in civil lawsuits based on sexual assault can be extremely helpful in knowing their options.