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What Happens When a Hospital Files a Lien in My Injury Case

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Blog

If you were injured in an accident, the stress of how to pay for medical bills is immense. That’s where a personal injury lawyer from The Miller Injury Firm comes in. A hospital gets paid for your treatment by filing what’s called a lien. This allows them to provide emergency care to uninsured patients, as they can claim a portion of any legal award the patient might receive. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how a hospital can file a lien in an injury case, and what that means for you.

It Can Impact Your Compensation

A lien represents the hospital’s right to money from your settlement which can reduce your total compensation. If expensive, the amount of compensation taken home may be barely enough to cover your expenses. However, it’s crucial to note this doesn’t mean the hospital can take the full amount of your claim; as long as the amount awarded exceeds the cost of your medical bills, you should be in the clear. Have a personal injury lawyer negotiate with hospitals and medical providers to reduce or eliminate liens.

The Hospital Lien Will Be Sent to You

Once the hospital files a lien, you’ll be sent a notice. This should include information about the amount owed as well as what portion of your compensation they’re entitled to. You have a legal right to dispute if you believe the hospital is overestimating what they’re owed or if their claim isn’t valid. The personal injury lawyers at The Miller Injury Firm can help you understand your options when dealing with car accidents, premises liability, lawyer malpractice, sexual assault, or most importantly for this subject, medical malpractice.

The Details of the Hospital Lien Matter

A medical lien is attached to your injury claim itself, not you as a person, which means it won’t affect your credit rating. Additionally, a lien is not considered evidence of your failure to pay a debt since it’s not a type of debt itself. If the hospital provided treatment within 72 hours of the accident, they can place a lien on the case. Additionally, liens are transferable between hospitals. If you’re treated at one hospital and then transferred to another, the second hospital can place a lien on your case.

You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with a hospital lien can be complicated. It’s important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer from The Miller Injury Firm on your side. Most likely, when it was time for your discharge papers you also signed a letter granting them permission to submit a lien. Once you’ve settled your case, the lien ensures the hospital gets its share first. A personal injury lawyer will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve, and make sure your medical bills are covered. We offer what’s needed to get you what you deserve for proper recovery and fulfilling life after injury.

If you’re worried about how a hospital lien could affect your personal injury case, it’s important to speak with The Miller Injury Firm. We can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected. Whether personal injury, car accidentspremises liability, lawyer malpractice, sexual assault, or medical malpractice, we can help! Contact Us Today