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Bad Weather Accidents In Middle Tennessee

Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee generally have a limited amount of snow each year. Due to this, drivers in this area are not particularly used to driving in snow. Furthermore, the state has many hills where water can collect during severe rainstorms that may flood. Bad weather accidents in Murfreesboro can make determining fault after a wreck especially challenging. If inclement conditions played a role in your vehicle collision, consider working with our talented attorneys at the Miller Injury Firm to ensure you have the strongest claim possible.

Steps To Take After A Wreck Caused By Poor Weather

The initial steps that a person should take when involved in an accident triggered by severe weather conditions in Murfreesboro include:

  • Ensuring and checking to see if the person involved is okay and mobile
  • Move out of the road to avoid another accident occurring due to weather conditions
  • Take pictures and videos of the scene, the vehicles and any injuries
  • Contact law enforcement to ensure there is a police report filed
  • Gather any available evidence and witness contact information
  • Seek immediate medical treatment from a healthcare provider
  • Contact a reliable attorney to see if you have grounds for a civil claim

Our team at the Miller Injury Firm could also assist with investigating the case and putting together a strong claim to damages.

Evidence Of Severe Conditions

It can be tough to find evidence to prove that weather conditions were the cause of the car accident after the condition subsides. For example, if there is a pop-up storm, it may result in a deluge of water, but that water may recede quickly. Another example is if there is ice on the roadway, the ice may melt by the time the accident is investigated. In those type of instances, our lawyers could investigate by consulting with experts in meteorology or weather. We could also consult with witnesses who saw the floodwaters or ice.

How Does Inclement Weather Impact Fault?

Tennessee applies the law of comparative fault, which means that if a plaintiff is 50% or more at fault for the accident, then there is no recovery. As such, driving in a manner that is unsafe given the weather conditions in Murfreesboro could be evidence of negligence. In such situations, there will be an investigation into whether one or both of the parties involved in the collision were speeding or failing to account for the potential for accidents due to standing waters, snow, ice, winds or fog.

Contact A Middle Tennessee Attorney After A Bad Weather Accident

The Miller Injury Firm can help people injured in bad weather accidents in Murfreesboro by helping with the investigation to ensure that all of the facts are discovered and that every document, picture, or other piece of evidence that is available is collected to support the claimant’s case. The other way our attorneys can help is to negotiate with insurance companies, or assist resolving those claims by providing evidence to the insurance company. If necessary, we are prepared to help you file a lawsuit to hold the other side or the insurance company accountable. Call our office today at 615-922-5693 to schedule a free case consultation or contact us online for a free consultation.