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What To Do After a Car Accident

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | Blog

No matter how cautious you are as a driver, car accidents can strike out of nowhere. Drunk drivers, animals crossing the road, and even bad weather are all hazards that can quickly lead to dangerous collisions. Today, Miller Injury Firm is here to explain what you should do after experiencing a car accident in Middle Tennessee, so you can stay safe and get legal compensation if possible.

Call the Police

Step one: notify the local authorities. Whether your auto accident is a hit and run incident or a head-on collision, it’s important to call 911 immediately and inform them of the situation as thoroughly as you can. The dispatcher can then send the appropriate police, fire department, and medical teams your way to make sure everyone is taken care of and further accidents are avoided.

Document Accident Information

The police will request information from you regarding the accident so they can put together a detailed legal report for their records. However, you should also document this information on your own. Having a timestamped, written breakdown of events will be incredibly valuable to our car accident attorneys in Middle Tennessee in the event that legal action is required.

Seek Medical Attention

While first responders will handle any life-threatening injuries at the time of the crash, you may still experience residual discomforts like back or neck pain. Since these conditions can be debilitating and could point to more serious issues, we recommend seeking further medical attention for them. If you’re worried about the cost of treatment, get in touch with the personal injury lawyers at Miller Injury Firm to learn how you can potentially receive compensation.

Contact a Tennessee Car Accident Lawyer

There are many instances where you may need to consult with a car accident lawyer in Middle Tennessee following an accident. Depending on the circumstances of the crash and who was at fault, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages to your vehicle and yourself. Our team has a proven track-record of assisting car accident victims, so we’re confident we can help you, too.

Car accidents can be incredibly traumatic, but we hope that this blog has given you a few easy steps to follow if you’re in one. Remember that Miller Injury Firm is the best place to get legal assistance following a car accident in Middle Tennessee, so contact us today for help with your case.

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