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How to Greatly Reduce Chances of Slips, Trips, and Falls

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Blog

Both residential and commercial Middle Tennessee properties can quickly become unsafe environments if certain measures aren’t taken. When it comes to personal injury lawsuits and similar legal situations, both workplace accidents and at-home trips can beg the need for a premises liability lawyer. Avoiding these unpleasant and complicated situations is easy with the help of The Miller Injury Firm; our mission is to help clients who require a slip and fall lawyer or are looking for more information on filing personal injury lawsuits. Ensure your Tennessee building or home doesn’t become a site of an accident by reducing any risk of trips and falls. Follow our personal injury lawyer tips below and get in touch with The Miller Injury Firm if you have any questions on this area of law!

Maintain A Clean Environment

One of the easiest and most intuitive ways your Tennessee business or other organization can prevent various slips, trips, and falls is to maintain a clean environment. This principle also applies to common areas of the home — both interior and exterior — where a contractor may perform work. It’s easy to avoid the need for a slip and fall lawyer or an entire personal injury lawsuit by ensuring all areas where employees or contractors work are always mopped up and organized. The Miller Injury Firm in Middle Tennessee recommends prioritizing immediate action with regard to any hazardous spills or messes on the floor. Even a small puddle of water can cause accidental injury, which can then require the services of a personal injury lawyer. Ensure you and your employees always stop the task they’re working on and take the time to mop up spills of any kind — water, oil, grease, or otherwise — and place a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign near the site. Alternatively, if the spill cannot be immediately cleaned up, proper signage should be used to inform other employees of this hazard. Maintaining a safe environment by following these steps is the easiest way to avoid a personal injury lawsuit. Proper storage materials and tools also contribute to maintaining a clean environment and preventing the need for a premises liability lawyer. Employees and homeowners should always practice proper organization and make sure everything is put away immediately after use. In addition, bright lighting should always be used to ensure employees can clearly see what they’re doing, thus preventing accidental trips or other injuries.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Promoting a culture of awareness among employees can greatly reduce the chance of a slip, trip, or fall on your premises. Employees should always be aware and focused on not only the task they’re performing but also the individuals near them and the equipment they’re using. The personal injury lawyers and slip and fall lawyers at The Miller Injury Firm recommend directly verbally conveying the importance of this to everyone in the workplace and putting up proper warning signage. All employees in a commercial environment, and homeowners working on projects, should walk very carefully while at the worksite and be aware of potential dangers. This awareness should warrant the use of protective eyewear and headwear (if applicable), as well as the use of proper working attire; this includes wearing non-slip shoes when needed, gloves, safety vests, and similar pieces of workplace clothing. Accidental injury and a personal injury lawsuit can also be avoided by ensuring your employees can always see exactly where they’re going. Implement rules and regulations that prevent an employee from carrying too heavy a load or performing other tasks that obscure their view.

Follow Established Safety Guidelines

It’s common for workplaces of all types to have established safety regulations to avoid the services of a Tennessee slip and fall lawyer. However, these regulations need to be consistently verbally and visually conveyed to employees. Homeowners working on personal projects or hiring independent contractors also need to follow established guidelines to prevent any slip or trip that can result in a personal injury lawsuit.  Such guidelines include both direct wording and instructions for operating pieces of equipment, and common informal practices designed to prevent accidental injury. The personal injury lawyers at The Miller Injury Firm emphasize the importance of using all heavy machinery and other equipment according to their printed instructions or directions. By preventing the unsafe or unregulated use of such equipment, your Tennessee company or business can reduce the risk of trips, fall, or other injuries. In conjunction, all employees must have proper safety training on how to use said equipment and what measures they need to take to prevent a possible personal injury lawsuit. Common informal safety practices should also be implemented and enforced so you don’t come face to face with a slip and fall lawyer. The prohibition of loose clothing, the enforcement of turned-off cell phones, and frequent handwashing are all common practices that contribute to a safe working environment.

Review Safety Information Regularly

At The Miller Injury Firm in Tennessee, our personal injury lawyers have seen their fair share of injury and personal liability cases. With this culmination of experience and expertise, we recommend reviewing all the above safety practices and other information on a regularly-scheduled basis. If you’re the manager of a large company or small business ensure all new employees are made aware of best safety practices before starting their first shift. It’s also important to complete company-wide safety refresher training every year to prevent any accidents from occurring. This same principle applies to Tennessee homeowners who are completing their own projects or will have independent contractors on their property. Always consider proper safety practices and create a safe working environment prior to starting any interior or exterior project. Our slip and fall lawyers also recommend ensuring independent contractors on your property can complete their work without worrying about puddles, tripping hazards, or clutter.

Avoid A Personal Injury Lawsuit With The Miller Injury Firm

Even after taking all necessary precautions to avoid slips, trips, or falls, it’s still possible for accidents to happen. If your Middle Tennessee business or company is in a situation like this, or if you’ve been injured, get in touch with The Miller Injury Firm today! Our slip and fall lawyers will ensure your rights are protected!