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Areas of Law the Miller Injury Firm Practices

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When looking for a qualified lawyer to take on your case, it is important to know what types of law your law office is knowledgeable and skilled in to fully understand their scope of practice. At the Miller Injury Firm, we handle various areas of the law including personal injury, class action, and more. Located in the heart of Nashville, our attorneys have years of experience assisting clients through the Tennessee court system. Keep reading to learn more about the areas of law the Miller Injury Firm can assist you in and contact us today to get started!

Personal Injury

Getting injured due to someone else’s negligence is not only frustrating but also may be a civil action case. If you have suffered a substantial or serious injury due to another’s reckless behavior, you may need a personal injury lawyer. Cases for personal injury include: Car & Motorcycle Accidents Slip-and-Fall Accidents Parenting Mistakes Sexual Assault And More! No matter how an accident occurred, if it occurred due to someone’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation. The Miller Injury Firm will advocate for your case helping to prove the defendant’s actions directly correlate to your injuries. With Tennessee’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims only being a year time frame from the date of injury, it is important to take action quickly.

Car Accident

Car accidents can be devastating, especially for the victims and their families. Not only are drivers required to follow all applicable traffic laws, but Tennessee Code Annotated §55-8-104 also requires drivers to follow all lawful police orders of traffic control. If failure to obey these traffic laws has led to an accident, the victim and their family may be subject to compensation due to the nature of their injuries including but not limited to whiplash, back and neck injuries, brain injuries, fractured bones, internal injuries, or other accident-related injuries. Tenn. Code Ann. §29-39-102(a) permits monetary recovery for many types of damages that may result from a car accident, but damage awards for non-economic losses are limited to $750,000. Types of accidents our car accident attornies handle include: Bad Weather Failure to Yield Head-On Collisions Hit & Run Accidents Rear End Accidents Side-Impact Accidents Texting & Driving Accidents Enlisting the help of a qualified car accident lawyer who can help build your case can drastically improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

Premises Liability

An owner of a property or home is responsible for visitor safety. If a guest gets hurt using the property for its intended purpose due to a hazardous condition, the property owner may face legal liability through premises liability law. These cases can prove somewhat difficult to prove, but with the expert help of the Miller Injury Firm’s premises liability lawyer, can help advise you on your situation and determine the best plan of legal action.

Lawyer Malpractice

Tennessee lawyers go through various tests including passing the bar exam, as well as taking on additional knowledge through their day-to-day practice. If you have experienced a lawyer who did not meet the basic standards and it resulted in a loss of finances or affected your legal rights, you have the right to pursue your lawyer for compensation under a lawyer malpractice lawsuit. A lost motion or lost case does not necessarily mean your lawyer engaged in misconduct. Our qualified malpractice lawyers can help you determine if your previous lawyer failed to exercise ordinary skill, care, and diligence while serving you. Contact us today to discuss your case!

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can have a negative impact on you for the rest of your life. If you have been sexually assaulted you must take action immediately by hiring a lawyer skilled in sexual assault cases. Recoverable damages may include not only objective losses like medical bills and lost work income, but also subjective forms of harm like emotional anguish, physical pain, and psychological trauma. Our highly-qualified lawyers have experience recovering millions of dollars for sexual assault victims through cases related to schools, universities, workplaces, and high-profile individuals.

Business Contingency

While a contract is a good practice for businesses to have in place while providing services to clients and other businesses, failure to be obliged by these agreed-upon terms may result in litigation. Legal litigation can be very time-consuming, so it is important to obtain a lawyer that is highly knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of business contingency lawsuits.

Medical Malpractice

When health care providers fail to provide medical care that meets set standards and causes injury or death to the individual receiving care, you may be entitled to compensation under medical malpractice law. Common medical malpractice injuries include but are not limited to: Birth injuries Surgical errors Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis Medication errors Anesthesia errors Emergency room errors If you believe you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of medical malpractice, contact our team today.


Approximately 2.3 million construction workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica every year resulting in various health problems including the development of silicosis, a serious and sometimes life-threatening lung condition. These cases often fall outside the scope of workman compensation and require the trained expertise of a silicosis lawyer. The Miller Injury Firm can help determine your legal actions based on your case.

Class Action Lawsuits

When a business’s or company’s negligent actions affect more than one person or a group of individuals, the victims may have better luck combining their cases into a class action lawsuit. Let our class action lawyers take a look at your case to determine the best course of legal action.

No matter if you are looking for a personal injury lawyer or want to receive compensation due to medical malpractice, the Miller Injury Firm will advocate on your side for a positive resolution. Contact us today!